Turn anything into an NFT
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available in every formula 💪

Overwrite Request Defaults
"key=(APP-API-KEY, reset, or ?)"
Set, reset, or query your API key for a tool
JSON payload to send with the request
base64 encode text in the payload request
Return response from cURL formated request
JSON headers to send with the request
set response contentType (if not applicaiton/json)
KEY:VALUE parameter pairs to send with the request
Full request url (or path only for this =TOOL formula)
Set method (default: GET without payload, POST with payload)
Overwrite Response Defaults
Returns raw response /QUERY headers
rawHeaders to query
Removes all headers from the response
Inherit values from JSON parent elements
Truncate (shorten) long JSON response values
Prepend each value with the row & column it belongs in
Return raw JSON response (with */QUERY and $QUERY)
"*" (advanced option)
Raw header(s) to query (raw JSON response)
"*/QUERY" (advanced option)
Return response along with request options
"*?" (advanced option)
"$QUERY" (advanced option)
JSON Path-Plus Query

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